About us

AAPARAA is India’s Start-up Firm who’s main Goal is to provide a great range of high quality, nutritious, healthy product, implementing and following Best practices in Sourcing , Processing, Packing (Private Labelled Retails Packs and Bulk Packs) and Supplying of Organic, GMO Free, Vegan and Natural Food (both RAW and Processed).

We source local and international organic and natural products from farmers we know and partners we trust and build meaningful relationships with those around us.

We are a company with vast of experience in every step of the organic food production, We hand hold our farmers right from selection of best planting materials till finished packed goods.

We support our farmers in implementing best practices for harvesting and post-harvest. Also support on farm minimal processing which helps in the value chain of the product cycle, also with better Price to the farmers and by doing so we get to streamlined quality control product. Which helps end users with good quality product with end to end traceability. Which in turn create a win-win situation to all stake holders.

We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of the food materials we supply, and in the relationships we have nurtured across the globe with our supplier and farmer groups and their communities.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable service and maintain appropriate inventories for our contracted and regular customers.